Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Joint venture financial proposal

Below you will find the text - Joint venture / financial proposal - email spamming scam. This message appears to be sent from - Peter Lamptey [].

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From: Mr. Peter Lamptey

Sub: Joint venture / financial proposal

I got your contact through the Internet search for an honest, Godly and trustworthy foreign partner to assist me transact a rather very lucrative but confidential business.
Let me also introduce myself as Mr. Peter Lamptey Jr. Son to the late Peter Lamptey Sr. who is the special assistance on mining matters to the former President of Liberia Mr. Charles Taylor, who is forced into exile to Nigeria on 11 August 2003 after he handed over power to his Vice President Mr. Moses Blah and now detained by the U.N. War Crime Tribunal.
I am presently in Republic of Ghana on Political Asylum due to the International Criminal Court demanding the Ex-President Charles Taylor for war crimes.
I wish to solicit your assistance to handle this urgent and confidential business, which involves (US$15.500.000) Fifteen Million, Five hundred United States Dollars cash and 200kg of Gold Dust which was deposited in form of a diplomatic consignment.The deposition of this fund was made with a very strong instruction under a security code with, which is known only to me and was registered and declared as containing Diplomatic and Law Reports and Promotional Materials.

The money was for the purchase of ammunition for the war with the Rebels in my country Liberia . The first and second phase of the money has been utilized with the arrival of the last consignment of ammunition that was seized by West African Peace Keeping Troop on peace mission in Liberia at that time.
Now our regime is no more and our Ex-President now in war crime detention by the International Criminal Court that issued warrant of arrest against him (President Charles Taylor) for Crime and Genocide.
I intend to invest this fund in your country, on any kind of profitable rewarding business investment on joint venture partner with you in which you will be one of the shareholders due to stability of your economy. I have resolved to give you (20%)of the total sum for your assistance as your commission `FREE` in helping me claim the deposit / funds from the vault and transfer it into your nominated bank account for investment in your country. 10% is set aside for miscellaneous expenses if need be However, this can be negotiable and I cannot claim the funds by myself due to the fact that I am on Political Asylum in Republic of Ghana and I can not make the transfer on my own because I need a new beneficiary base to avoid traces to me and blackmail. I do not want to do anything that will jeopardize this, as it remains my only hope.

However, if you are ready to assist me, I will give you more details on the way forward. Please, kindly send me the details of your bank particulars, your full name and your address without obligation for me to process / apply your legal document through my Lawyer as the beneficiary / Owner of the cash funds and I also want you to assist me to move the fund out of Africa . This financial transaction is risk-free as due diligence will have to be taken. I will like you to include your private confidential telephone and fax numbers for easy communication regarding to this cash relocation exercise.
I am waiting for your urgent reply and absolute trust and confidentiality will be highly appreciated. I will also give all the information you need to assist me claim the deposit after getting your response.

Best regards,

Mr. Peter Lamptey

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