Tuesday, December 02, 2008

VA Records

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Veterans Have Other Options For Storing and Sending Records

HOUSTON, TX (October 21, 2008) In order to alleviate the strain on the National Personnel Records Commission (NPRC), and Veterans Affairs (VA), U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs introduced today that veterans can permanently store their service medical records (SMR), legal records, or military records in their new, user-friendly, Records Archive Division (RAD).

Too often we hear stories from veterans around the world that their service medical records have been misplaced or lost - that is unacceptable, stated Michael Clark, RAD Director.

Using RAD, veterans can also gain access to their records with promptness and accuracy. According to VA statistics, it can take a veteran up to six months to get their records after a request has been made. Using our service, a veteran can receive their records in three business days or less, Clark added.

For veterans working on a service-connected benefits claim, a Veteran Service Officers (VSO) access to a veterans service medical records is vital. Getting civilian medical records is just as important. Rather than contacting multiple agencies to request records, a veteran can make one stop and have their records faxed or mailed to the agency of their choice.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
(HIPPA) entitles veterans to have copies of their medical records on request. Through RAD, veterans have access to any of their personnel records stored with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. A veteran can also request to have their records sent to any agency or provider in a timely manner. Veterans may also supply contact information to their providers and have them fax records to RAD for immediate security and storage.

About U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs:

Launched in March 2007, U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs researches and distributes compensable benefits information to U.S.
veterans. Also, they are a major conduit for free services available to veterans.

Beth Ann McGruder
U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs

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