Saturday, December 13, 2008


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Dear Beloved,

My name is Mrs. Anne Marie Joubert .It is indeed my pleasure to write you this letter, which I believe will be a surprise to you as we have never met before and I am deeply sorry if I have in any manner disturbed your privacy. Please forgive this unusual manner of contacting you, but this particular letter is of exceptional and very private nature. I am married to Mr. Abraham Benjamin Joubert . We were married for eleven years without a child.

Since his death I decided not to re-marry or get a child outside my matrimonial home, When my late husband was alive he deposited a total sum of £1,650,979.00 (One million,Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand, Nine Hundred & Seventy Nine Great British Pounds) with a bank in the United kingdom.

Presently, this money is still under the safe keeping of the Bank in United kingdom and recent diagnosis on me shows that I would not last for the next two months due to my cancer problems. Though what disturbs me most is my stroke .Having known my condition, i am willing/donating this money to you. The money should not be used for your personal use but for giving succor to the needy and for charity .
I wont blame my creator for not giving me a child that would have inherited my husbands wealth.Even if i had one, i know my relatives would have killed him as they had always vowed so that they would claim all his wealth. My husband's relatives are such that it will amount to betrayal of my late husband if I let them have his hard-laboured fortune and enjoy it.I don't want my husband's hard earned money to be misused by people that wanted him dead.
Even in the hospital here, i could see it in their eyes that they wished my death was expedited. They monitor everybody that comes in here and any phone calls that i receive. They want my husbands wealth and are looking for the slightest clue. Funny enough, benjamin did not leave any trace of his wealth to anybody except me. That is why you see them here very vigilante and asking all sorts of questions.

But my brethren, Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein. That if you finally take possession of this funds, you will not use it for your personal use. That you will use it for charity and helping the needy.
If you are a trustworthy person, contact my Account Officer and he will arrange the transfer of the funds from my account to your preferred account.
Account Officer : Brain Knap
First Trust Bank
430 Golden House,Great Pulteney,Street,
London W1F,9LT,Uk.
personal email :
Contact number : +44 70359 33850
+44 70359 33973
You are required to contact my Account Officer with the following information below Full Names; Address; Telephone number; Age; Occupation;

A scanned copy of your International Passport or driver’s license or any valid form of identification if available should be sent along.
But make sure you always write me after contacting my accounts officer.
Thanks and God bless

Mrs. Anne Marie Joubert
personal email :

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