Thursday, January 15, 2009

Al Franken's Disgusting Attempt to Steal Senate Seat

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Urgent message from Dick Morris

Dear fellow American:

Al Franken is trying every trick in the book to get into the U.S. Senate.

Recently Franken was "certified" of the recent recount, but as the liberal Sec. of State of Minnesota admitted, this does not mean he is the election winner.

In fact, the result is now open for legal challenge.

I believe a fair court ruling will negate Franken's phony victory and declare Norm Coleman the winner who was ahead by hundred of votes on election night.

This week the Wall Street Journal came out with guns blazing for the the out-and-out vote theft going on in Minnesota.

The Journal noted that shockingly almost every controversial dispute during the vote recount went in the favor of Al Franken.

The Journal said: "We can't recall a similar recount ... in which nearly every crucial decision worked to the advantage of the same candidate (Franken). If the Canvassing Board certifies Mr. Franken as the winner based on the current count, it will be appointing a tainted and undeserving senator."

Well, you and I can help stop Al Franken.

The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) is leading the fight for a fair Senate election and vote.

They urgently need your help to continue their battle Go Here Now

Exposing Al Franken's vote fraud won't be easy. Franken has gotten millions from George Soros and his liberal Hollywood friends.

But already the RNLA has made major strides.

Even Sen. Harry Reid relented and said he won't seat Al Franken yet.

We must demand an honest vote in Minnesota.

You can help the RNLA do that Go Here Now .

The Republican National Lawyers Association is the number one group in the country fighting vote fraud.

The Wall Street Journal said that if it was not for the RNLA, John Kerry could well have won the 2004 election.

Now they are fighting for a key Senate seat. If the Democrats get Franken in the Senate they are just one vote shy of a filibuster proof Senate.

That means Obama, Pelosi and Reid can push through a radical liberal agenda including higher taxes, abolishing free talk radio, and giving amnesty to millions of illegals.

You can stop them. We can stop them. Help the RNLA today Go Here Now .

Thank you.

Dick Morris

P.S. The Republican National Lawyers Association is leading Republican efforts to expose vote fraud. They have a distinquished advisory board including former Reagan attorney general Edwin Meese. Their work is crucial now and in the years to come. But it's critically important we help the RNLA today in the Minnesota race. Please act today Go Here Now.

Stop Al Franken Before It's Too Late!

Dear Newsmax Reader:

The fix is in!

Senate Democrats led by Harry Reid are planning to certify Al Franken the "winner" in the contested Minnesota seat that Republican Norm Coleman is fighting to keep.

New York Sen. Charles Schumer said Sunday that Democrat Al Franken is the clear winner in Minnesota's Senate race and should be seated as soon as possible and last week Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid said "it appears that Franken will be certified the winner by the state Canvassing Board."

For weeks after the election Norm Coleman led Franken by hundreds of votes and Reid and company were very quiet.

After Franken raised millions and waged a fierce legal battle over a handful of rejected ballots, he claims he is ahead of Coleman by about 225 votes.

The Democrats want to seize on this claim and parachute Al Franken into the U.S. Senate.

The Democrats may even try to use this dubious "certification" to actually seat Franken in the Senate before the process in Minnesota is even complete!

The Democrats have claimed they were for a fair and honest recount, but the facts show this was simply a lie.

The truth is that billionaire George Soros and ACORN-backed Democrat Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie's Canvassing Board have backed Franken's outrageous subversion of the vote process: some Franken voters have voted twice, Coleman votes have been rejected, and the Franken camp literally makes up the recount rules as they go along.

The irregularities in this Election Contest are absolutely shocking and allowing Franken to claim victory now is outrageous.

With the help of Minnesota's liberal Sec. of State Mark Ritchie they have rewritten the rules and Franken now has a "lead."

The Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) has been the leader in fighting against vote fraud and for open, fair, and honest elections.

We at the RNLA need your urgent help today to expose the fraudulent efforts of Harry Reid and a Soros-ACORN supported Secretary of State to pick Al Franken the next Senator from Minnesota.

We must expose their brazen attempt to subvert the democratic process -- before the vote is even final!

You can help us stop Harry Reid and George Soros Donate Here Now

Let me reveal to you just how Franken and Ritchie are working to steal this election from Republican Norm Coleman.

Ritchie has taken votes that were clearly for Coleman and rejected them, putting them in a pile for the courts to decide at a later date.

Meanwhile, Franken votes have been accepted, giving Franken an artificial lead.

During the recount supposed "errors" were corrected, almost always favoring Franken. Though this is statistically improbable, the votes were counted for Franken.

In one voting precinct that clearly benefitted Coleman, the Ritchie led Canvassing Board ruled that the recount will not include them instead that one precinct will have to live with the final vote total as of election night.

The Ritchie led canvassing board has even admitted they are "not going to be entirely consistent" when reviewing challenged ballots and has ruled a number of votes as votes for Franken when his circle is marked and as under votes when the Coleman circle is identically marked.

The effort to subvert a fair vote is so obvious, even a Democratic election official in Minneapolis admitted votes are being counted twice.

"I know it happened in several precincts," she said.

Simply put, the Ritchie led Secretary of State office wants to decide this election in Franken's favor and certify him the "winner."

They want Reid and Senate Democrats to seat him in the Senate.

They don't care if Coleman fights the election in court after the fact.

As National Republican Senatorial Chair Texas Senator John Cornyn stated: "Al Franken is falsely declaring victory based on an artificial lead created on the back of the double counting of ballots."

We here at the RNLA are waging a fierce battle to stop Franken, Soros and Ritchie.

We have the truth on our side.

We need to expose these illicit attempts to steal the election and seat Al Franken in the Senate.

You can help up today Go Here Now .

Remember this Senate seat is crucial. If Franken joins the Democrats he will give them 59 seats. They will be just one short vote of a filibuster.

They will be able to push through a radical liberal agenda.

But we can still stop them.

We need your help today Go Here Now

Thank you.

Michael Thielen
Executive Director

PS. During this holiday and New Year our members have not taken off. We at the RNLA believe strongly that the people in Minnesota deserve a fair vote. We need your help to stop Harry Reid Senate, Al Franken lawyers, and the ACORN backed Secretary of State Mark Ritchie Canvassing Board from picking the next Minnesota Senator and ignoring the will of the voters of Minnesota. Help us today Go Here Now


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