Wednesday, January 28, 2009

message from my mother reply

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A message from my mother reply

Hi Dear,

Good morning.Please,my mother needs your attention regarding our family,business and current situation and she says you should handle the matter confidentially and sincerely by not discussing it with anyone for security reasons and also to avoid any third party complications.

We pray you will not let us down. My mother is suffering from breast cancer and currently undergoing treatment at the hospital,but the doctors are saying that her chances of survival is slim,but we pray that God will see her through.

I am Mr Innocent Adams i am 19 years, the only child of Mrs Henrietta and late Mr to,Tony Adams , a wealthy gold dealer/miner who owned three gold creek in congo.

My father died during the outbreak of the war in my country,but my mother and I were fortunate to escape to freedom and peace in Abidjan,Ivory Coast. During the beginning of the start of the crisis in my country which led to the war,My later farther deposited the sum of $5 Million United States Dollars with a Security Company here in cote d ivore abidjan, Presently this money is still in the custody of the security company here in cote d ivore abidjan.

You will provide an information detail which i will authorise the security company to deliver the consigment the trunk box of money to you as my late husband next of kin/ and the new beneficary of the consigment the trunk box of money. As soon as I receive your reply I shall furnish you with details on how you will have the trunk box in your care.

As I am writing you this letter,my mother is in a sick bed in a hospital here in Abidjan and I am only praying she survives this illness which the doctors says the chances of survival is slim-Cancer of the breast. we are honourably soliciting your assistance in the following ways:

1) to arrange for a suitable college where I could further my education.

2) Can you investment this money for us,beacuse i need person who can handle this money for us,my child can not handle this money that is why i contact you.

3)Can you honestly take us as your family members?

4)Can we completely trust you?

Moreover, you can indicate your option towards assisting us as we have mapped out percent % for you of the total sum for you as compensation for your assistance. For more details contact us via our private

or call us on our phone number: 00225 04 23 42 01 most preferably at night anytime from 22.00hours Gmt(10.00p.m) because at this time,my mother and I are usually together because she is free from medications at night except on sudden or unforeseen emergencies.

Your quick response will be of great benefit to us and please remember us in your prayers.

May God Shelter and Care for you as you assist orphans and widows.


innocent adams -For Mrs Henrietta adams

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