Thursday, February 19, 2009

mrs belen raga

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Hello Dear,
My Name is Raga Belen,the wife of Mr.Raga Zaldy Ubatay.vice mayor of Lumban. who was recently killed in the Philippine by gunmen on 4th Oct.2007.During the threat on my late husband life,he gave me the sum of 14M for the future of our children and asks me to deposit it in a security and finance company abroad just in case anything ever happen to him.I did deposit the total sum as he said under a secret arrangement as a family treasure.

This means that the security company does not know the content of this metallic box.Since my late husband family made it impossible for me to move out of my late husband house in philippine.I am contacting you to help me secure the money i depsoited in the security company for the future of my children.I am willing to give you 15% of the total sum after you have successfully secured it,for your assistance to me.e-mail me at

Mrs Belen Raga

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