Thursday, March 12, 2009

Compliments of the Day

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My Dearest beloved ,
We are Jen and William Camara, from Abidjan. We are orphan now because we lost my parents some months ago.

Our father was a serving director of the Cocoa Exporting Board until his death. He was assassinated by the rebels following the political uprising. Before his death he had a foreign account in

Regions Bank
At 6080 Okeechobee
Blvd. West Palm Beach,
Florida 33417 USA.

up to the tune of $17.5M which he told the bank was for the importation of cocoa processing machine.

We want you to do me a favour to receive this funds to a safe account in your country or any safer place as the Beneficiary. We promise to give you 30% of the total sum for your assistance.

We have plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial production. This is my reason for writing to you. Please if you are willing to assist us and indicate your interest by replying soonest.

Thanks and best regards.

Jen And William

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