Friday, April 24, 2009

From: Dr.Victor Uba

From:Dr.Victor Uba - email spamming scam. This message appears sent from - victor uba []. Return or Reply email as - Many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

From:Dr.Victor Uba

The shipment of your contract sum,

Sequel tothe secretive arrangement in regards of the shipment of your contract sum, I wish to inform you that all necessary modalities have been automatically concluded and have left Nigeria to London via your Country today by diplomatic Cargo Flight.

Note carefully the content of the crate is"MONEY" but I did not disclose it to the Courier Services as Money,rather I informed them that the crate contain Vital"DIPLOMATIC DOCUMENTS" belonging to my client (that?syou).

Further more,the weight of the consignment is 220kg but I manage to pay 120kg, which cost US$7,600.00. On no account should you disclose the content of the crate with the Diplomatic Courier Services for fear of betrayal.So do not allow them to know that the content is money.

In the mean time,contact the shipping director on Telephone or E-mail him to send you the keys and shipment documents and to know also the actual situation with the consignment and re-confirm your address where the consignment will be delivered and then get back to me as soon as possible.

Mean while,I will be coming over to your country immediately the consignment arrives in your Country for my 10%share.

Best Regards,

Dr.Victor Uba

Shipping Director:
Dr.Chim Chetam
99 Victoria.Island

If you receive message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and report to the spam & abuse department of the sent from domain.

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Don't just delete these scammers and fraudsters messages - REPORT them.

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