Saturday, April 18, 2009


GOD BLESS YOU AS YOU DO - email spamming scam. This message appears sent from - Mrs. Rebecca Rose. []. Return or Reply email as - Many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

Dear Beloved In Christ,
Greetings!! I am Mrs.Rebecca Rose, a widow of 73years, suffering from cancer of the breast, my husband and my only son were killed last year during the UK terrorist attack when we visited London for holidays.My condition is serious and according to my Doctor, it is obvious that I might not survive.
I have some funds that my late husband WILLED to me in cash; the sum of $9,900,000.00 United States of American Dollars. I packaged it in consignments and deposited it with a SECURITY COMPANY.
After My Prayers, I searched a Christian site in the internet, I found your email address and I decided to contact you for the usage of the funds To Assist The Charities Both Widows and The Needys Around The World.
Therefore, if you are honest and faithful enough to use this fund strictly for the work, your response will be highly appreciated.Kindly Respond to this mail as soon as you receive it,I shall Furnish You With Other Details.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Rebecca Rose.

If you receive message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and report to the spam & abuse department of the sent from domain.

Don't ever follow any spammers links, open any attachments, or reply to their messages. ALL Links and images were removed or disabled from Spammers message.

Don't just delete these scammers and fraudsters messages - REPORT them.

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