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HELP,HELP,HELP...********** SUPPORT STREET KIDS & HUMAN RIGHTS - email spamming scam. This message appears sent from - wilson travels [wilsontravels@msn.com]. Return or Reply email as - leokarin_found@hotmail.com OR leokarinfoundation@37.com. Many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

Dear Sir/Madam,
We are Leo&Karin foundation based in Ghana and it was form by a Ghanaian and Norwegian,and work on street kids and human rights.Our foundation have a plan of providing a clean water for the village our foundation was form called OBOM ADAISO near the central part of Accra.The people in the village all urinate blood due to the river they drink from,we found out from the doctors,before it can be cure fully from the village they must have a clean drinking water so that they don't drink from the river,when providing medical aid it will work for them.So we need funds to have a BALL HOLES to enable them to have a clean water in the village,two the education in the village is very bad due to the facilities they don't have like CHAIRS,TABLES,BOOKS,PENCIL and PENS OR EVEN a dollar can help (1$).The government has provide a free education for the kids to enable them to know how to read and write,but the kids need to buy their own books and pencils,but allots of the family could not provide money for those things because their income is very law.So we will be very grateful if you could support us with this items so that so that we can provide for them to enable every kids to attend school and learn how to read and write.With our rooted information from African commission on human and people right charter,which remind us and upon it manifestation and effectiveness as human safeguard,that quoted in Article 4 that human beings are inviolable.During the course of our official duties also ,we found out that there are people who have been detained are are on remind in police cells and because of no support from families and friends who have been kept unlawfully in police cells and are not put before the law court and charge for any offense.
We are using this opportunity to ask for your support and assistance in any form to solicit for lawyers to defend this people in court. Your donation can put a smile on the faces of these children on the street.Every human being shall be entitled to respect for his life and integrity of his person.No one may be arbitrarily deprived of his right. I therefore urge you to fulfill the responsibility bestowed on humanity,silent protection,at the earliest,before it too late. So we will be happy if you could assist us with some funds to enable us to help the village to have a better shape

Yours Faithfully
Leonard Tetteh
P.O.Box MP 2099 Mamprobi
Account No.2301945650114 ECO BANK TUDU BRANCH (CEDIS ACCOUNT) AccountNo.2301945650211 ECO BANK TUDU BRANCH (DOLLAR ACCOUNT) Website.www.leokarinfoundation.faithweb.com
E-Mail. leokarin_found@hotmail.com

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