Wednesday, April 15, 2009


NEW FINACIAL REGULATION - email spamming scam. Jack*SS can't even spell Financial correct!!!! This message appears sent from - COLLINS IGWE []. 4/19/09. Return or Reply email as - OR Many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

Attn Dear Beneficiary,

A lot of contractors and inheritors have complained of several extortion of funds from them illegally by corrupt officers in pretence of assisting them facilitate their outstanding funds. We have your payment records. This decision was taken by the new President of Nigeria, in collaboration with the Finance Minister, Central Bank Governor, European Joint Terrorism Task Force and World Bank Auditors; in a bid to save the dented image of the Nigeria Banking system.

Recently, the Federal Government of Nigeria in collaboration with its Budget and Appropriation Unit of the House of representatives, The finance Department and the Central Bank signed a memorandum of Understanding engaging our honorable services is payment of all their outstanding funds to the beneficiaries within 14 working days and hereby approved a part payment of US$7.3 Million USD which will be transfer to you.

For this reason, we are contacting you right now. You are therefore advised in your best interest to desist from these culprits and stop all forms of communication with these people or group of people and at the same time be sure we are paying the authenticated contractor to avoid being held responsible for a wrong payment.

Contact the approved paying bank as follows:
Director, Foriegn Transfer Department (CBN)
Phone: +234-803-076-6673

Reconfirm your full name, contact address; outstanding amount, receiving bank details and any further info that will help this office authenticate your true position as the bonafide beneficiary of this outstanding fund in question. Your batch payment reference is FGN/DEBT/7227/2009.

All outstanding left unclaimed would be revoked and pushed into the government treasury as unclaimed bills within the next 14 banking days with a report attached to it stating your inability to pick up the funds and such decisions are irrevocable.

For proper clarification, call Mr. Collins Igwe on +234018958586 To Help us fight Corruption in Nigeria and uplift our dented image internationally.

Yours Faithfully,

Collins Igwe
House Committee Chairman Budget and Appropriation House of Representatives Abuja – Nigeria Direct Line: +234018958586

If you receive message like this one, add the sent from address to your denied senders list, report the message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and report to the spam & abuse department of the sent from domain.

Don't ever follow any spammers links, open any attachments, or reply to their messages. ALL Links and images were removed or disabled from Spammers message.

Don't just delete these scammers and fraudsters messages - REPORT them.

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