Wednesday, April 15, 2009


ARE YOU INTERESTED WE OFFER YOU GOLD ON LEGIT. - email spamming scam. This message appears sent from - Chief George Agbesi []. Return or Reply email as - Many spammers use additional reply to addresses and faked message headers.

Good day,

I am Chief George Agbesi from Tarkwa rural community in Ghana West Africa a miniature community that is blessed with Gold and I am contacting your firm in admiration of our local Gold mines that is inside our community here in Ghana that really needs good facilities and working materials that we are lacking here.

And If we can come across a reliable foreign financier with the intention of managing the goldmines for us we the family of Agbesi we will be enthusiastic to hand over the mines to him to administer without further delay once we have come into agreement and he must be here in Ghana to see the Gold mines and our gold that we have in stock for this plans.

As I write to you, we the family of Agbesi in Tarkwa rural community in Ghana have presently 300kg of Alluvial Gold Dust and 251kg of bars that we want to dispose/sell to enable the purchase of the gold mining equipment that our community needs at the moment to increase our mine.

Please indicate your interests in buying our gold or helping us manage our mines. then we work as partners because we don’t want to hand over to our government because they never care about our drinking water, Schools and farmer also the less privileged and we lack computer e.g. Laptop or desktop that will educated our children and mobile telecommunication here in our community.

So if you accept our proposal and you are enthusiastic to situate as our foreign financier or you are willing to buy our Gold product, please furnish me with the requested info (1.) Your direct telephone number (2.) Fax number (3.) A copy of your International Passport, and it will be of great deal to read from you so that I can furnish you with details to proceeds and please if you are not interested do not inconvenience your good self to write neither will I get in touch with you or inconvenience you again.

Thanks in God we trust.

With Much Regards
Chief George Agbesi
For the Family
+233 247 097 313

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