Friday, May 08, 2009

Discover Stock Ideas Within Bullish Sectors

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Investor Alerts!

Hello Investor,

Since our initial alerts, investors have identified several bullish sectors within our coverage companies and have experienced sizable gains!


(Natural Resources)

Uranium Energy Corp. UEC:AMEX

UEC Total Gain since Coverage- $.40-$1.56 (290% Total Gain)

(Specialty Manufacturing)

Power Sports Factory, Inc. PSPF.OB

PSPF Total Gain since Coverage- $.05-$.21 (320% Total Gain)


(Healthcare Technology)

Medlink Intl., Inc. MLKNA.OB

Announces ‘Agreement with Clinical Laboratory Management’

Aggressive Growth

(Discount Real Estate)

Crystal Properties Holdings. CPHG.PK

Announces ‘Targets the OTC Bulletin Board’

(Technology Infrastructure)

Shiming U.S., Inc. SGUS.PK

Announces ‘$400 Million Joint Venture with Shiming U.S. and Chinese Government Breaks Ground’
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Discover Stock Ideas Within Bullish Sectors!

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