Thursday, June 11, 2009

Central Bank of Nigeria

Attn: My dear friend beneficiary - email spamming scam. This message appears sent from - Alice Hood [].

Central Bank of Nigeria
Tinibu Square
Lagos Island, Lagos-Nigeria

Our Ref.: PRE/CAC/CBN/0XX/09

From: The desk of Ms. Alice Hood.

Attn: My dear friend beneficiary,

First, I will like to introduce myself to you. I am Ms. Alice Hood, Pay Master, Central Bank of Nigeria. I write in respect of the matter on ground. At about 17:45 hours on Frida dated 29th of May 2009, the chief security officer (CSO) of CBN approached me, stating that thirty six boxes containing US$22Million (Twenty Two Million United States Dollars) each is at his office, deposited as unclaimed fund and have been confiscated, and it has been mapped out to pay foreign beneficiaries from the bank and next of kin desposited funds, This fund is in a security proof box well padded with synthetic nylon. They have serial numbers hidden under them.

We have been on this position for the past twelve years but I have nothing to show for it, this is the reason why Dr. Maxwell makes up his mind to use this as an opportunity to bring a better life to our family because soon we will retire by the authority and no other means of survival, this is our last hope to succeed in life. The CSO have asked me to look for a reliable foreign Contractor/Beneficiary who is not going to cheat or eat the money alone so that the three boxes he has already taken to a diplomatic delivery Company for sending will dispatch to him/her immediately. For your information, this is what we decleared to the Courier Company as the real content of the three boxes are family treasures, such as GOLD and JEWRIES; this is for the security of the fund because the company don't deliver cash. In this gesture, I demit wise to contact you, I got your contact from your file in (CBN) also in our office as a paymaster of Central Bank and I have worked with other b

I now find out that you have never receive any part of your payment about your inherited fund money transfer, NNPC funds that you work with governmental bodies, of which I saw three other beneficiaries in the file, I went to my pastor to seek advice that I got this three beneficiaries and I want to do business with one and I want a honest person out of the three beneficiaries, he should decide for me, and he helped to pray over it and he indicated I should do the business with you, mostly, that is what made me to contact you. Since you have never receive nothing from your payment by Nigeria Government that is the reason why we use this opportunity to help you and to bring life in our families. If I may ask you, HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO RECEIVE YOUR FUNDS SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN DEALING WITH NON-GOVERNMENTAL-BODIES AND BANKS CLAIMING TO BE IN POSITION OF YOUR PAYMENT ALL THIS YEARS?

I want you to know that I have made every necessary arrangement on how the three boxes containing US$22Million each approximately US$66Million will get to you, what I need is your permission to carry on, due to the shipping arrangement has been made and right now the consignment is deposited in a safe deposit company and when I hear from you, I would ask them to proceed immediately. If you are willing to do this business, reply urgently to help me give you the lay down procedures on how you are going to receive the boxes through a Courier Shipping Company and other secret code behide the sending.

For sharing modalities 30% for you while 70% is for Dr. Maxwell and me. Already, the boxes are ready for shipment and all I need from you is your CURRENT HOUSE DELIVERY ADDRESS AND YOUR PRIVATE TELEPHONE NUMBER TO CALL YOU and also an agreement note showing that 30% percent of the total sum will get to you after the boxes deliver to you. The reasons why I made this contact to you is because I know from the begning, you have not received even one cent from your total sum. These are the reason why we both seek for foreign partner whereby you have not received your payment.

My dear, God have blessed us with these three boxes because I know that you have been trying to get your payment since all these years. Please if you know that you are not going to keep your promise by keeping our own 70% of the total sum, please don't reply back to this message because one foreign contractor whom we helped, after she received her money, she did not fulfill her promise rather, she changed her location including her telephone number, fax number and email after receiving the money in her position and up till today, no contact. So, this time around, we don't want to make the same mistake.

Thanking for your assistance to help my family grow.

Waiting your immediate response.


Ms. Alice Hood Dr. Wilson Maxwell

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