Sunday, July 19, 2009

Is This What God Purposed

Is This What God Purposed - email spamming scam. This message appears sent from -

READ any newspaper. Look at television, or listen to the radio. There are so many stories of crime, war, and terrorism! Think about your own troubles. Perhaps illness or the death of a loved one is causing you great distress. You may feel like the good man Job, who said that he was "drenched with misery."-Job 10:15 , The Holy Bible in the Language of Today.
Ask yourself:

* Is this what God purposed for me and for the rest of mankind?
* Where can I find help to cope with my problems?
* Is there any hope that we will ever see peace on the earth?

The Bible provides satisfying answers to these questions.
What Does The Bible Really Teach
John W Dudley
ASL Bible Study for Jehovah's Witnesses

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