Friday, July 17, 2009

Support Your Family on 20 Hours a Week

Sent in by one of our readers. Actually this seems about the truth. Read it for yourself and see where you stand. We're sure those on the receiving end will disagree while those on the payiny end will agree with this readers opinion.

Support Your Family on 20 Hours a Week

How do you support your family on 20 hours a week? Quite simple. First you need to be undereducated in even the simplest of daily tasks. This helps greatly as others will do things for you because you’re incapable of doing them yourself.

Second you only work part time because this is all that is available to you. Blame it on the bad economy why you can’t find more suitable work or higher wages. Do Not mention that it is really your lack of motivation that prevents you from getting schooling that will provide you more and better job opportunities.

Make excuses for everything. You can’t because of this or that, even though there are others in worst situations than yours who are doing what they need to do to support themselves.

Leach from your family and the hard working man and woman who are trying to do the right thing and support themselves. After all it is your right to free food, medical, car repairs, housing and more. Playing XBOX and watching Judge Judy all day deserves some good benefits.

Why should you work when there are thousands of others who will do the daily grind and do without so you can have free heat.

There’s nothing better than the working person putting back that generic ice cream while you fill your cart with all the goodies.

If you can do all this you can keep all your bills paid, and survive without too many worries. You’ll even be able to have some pets.

For all those hard working men and woman out there – work harder so those less fortunate yet totally capable don’t have too.

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