Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dchildren danced before them. It was not ti

Dchildren danced before them. It was not ti - email spamming scam. This message appears sent from - Hai Duty [blanker@smilesport.nl].

Ught to be thick with the Man in the Moon. The Sage took his stand With his wand in his hand, Drew a circle, then gave the dread word of command, Saying solemnly--"_Presto!--Hey, quick!--Cock-a-lorum!_" When the Duchess immediately popp'd up before 'em. Just then a conjunction of Venus and Mars, Or something peculiar above in the stars, Attracted the notice of Signor Ruggieri, Who "bolted," and left him alone with his
deary.-- Monsieur St. Megrin went down on his knees, And the Duchess shed tears large as marrow-fat peas, When,--fancy the shock,--a loud double-knock, Made the lady cry, "Get up, you fool!--there's De
Guise!"-- 'Twas his Grace, sure enough; So Monsieur, looking bluff, Strutted by, with his hat on, and fingering his ruff, While, unseen by either, away flew the dame Through the opposite key-hole, the same way she came; But, alack! and alas! A mishap came to pass, In her hurry she, somehow or other, let fall A new silk _bandana_ she'd worn as a shawl; She used it for drying Her bright eyes while crying, Ane blowing her nose, as her beau talk'd of dying! Now the Duke, who had seen it so lately adorn her, And he knew the great C with the Crown in the corner, The instant he spied it, smoked something amiss, And said, with some energy, "D---- it! what's this?" He went home in a fume, And bounced into her room, Crying, "So, Ma'am, I find I've some cause to be jealous!
Look here!--here's a proof you run after the fellows! --Now take up that pen,--if it's bad choose a better,-- And write, as I dictate, this moment a letter To Monsieur--you know who!" The lady look'd blue; But replied with much firmness--"Hang me if I do!" D

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