Thursday, October 01, 2009


I WILL APPRECIATE YOUR IMMEDIATE REPLY - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Winifred Johnson []. Return or reply email as -

- Dear Friend, I am Mrs. Winifred Johnson. Widow suffering from Cancer of the breast. I find your information through comments leads in the internet. Below is my motive of contacting you, I have inheritance fund left by my late husband and his business partner the sum of 7,500,000.00 Million (GBP). My late husband and his late business partner David Moore are into savings and loan business and they acquired the fund through the business before they got assigned last year 2008 in Italy?. Presently the fund was deposited into joint account with Global Pinoy Micro Finance UK and due to my health condition I cannot handle the loan business. I am contacting you to join me claim the fund from the institution. The institution demanded that (Next of Kin or a Relation) to my late husband business partner late David Moore is required before they will authorize the release of the fund since both of them operates join account. I have made several attempts to locate his family or relation but to no avail. I have the documents intact for us to claim the fund (7,500,000.00 Million Great Britain Pounds). My Motive of contacting you is to present you to the institution on behalf of David Moore family to enable them release the fund to us. Is rest assured that immediately the fund is release to us the potion for late David Moore family 3,750,000.00 which is 50% of the fund will go to you and the remaining 50% will come to me? At this point, I required utmost secrecy and your honesty to execute this transaction. If I can count on you, kindly get back to me with your full name, phone number and contact address upon receipt of this mail for more details? Yours sincerely, Mrs. Winifred Johnson.

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