Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghana Commercial Bank

Ghana Commercial Bank (Urgent please) - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Mr. Patrick Nana [].


I wish to inform you of a Dormant Account with Ghana commercial bank, been deposited on your name by a Refugees Association for the help you lender to the refugees for the years now. Your In-active Dormant Account, valued
$42.8 Million USD, with the Ghana commercial bank. We wish to let you know that our customers all over the world enjoy the highest level of Service and Quality Banking with us.

To qualify and take part as a GCB Debit Card holder, you will need to send your full given names with complete residential address for delivery purpose within 72 hours by FedEx, with official Acquisition payment charges of $680 USD, payable directly on the secretary name, Osagie David Osarengharu, via Western Union, which Ghana commercial Bank is sole agent to Western Union. We take great care to protect the information you supply for insurance of your Debit Card by encrypting it on your personal Card.
The information contained in this mail, was accurate as of this day 26/10/2009.

As a user of GCB Debit Card you are entitled to initial cash value of the fund mentioned, except as described in connection with cash payment/reloading on your first issued card, and the Egg Card are valid for 2 years, including maximum dollar value (MDV) requirements. Special air delivery arrangement has been signed with FedEx With this notification, your issuance of Egg Debit Card will be issued within 24 hours, upon receiving your completed information’s With Card Acquisition payment details.

Note that: Independent third parties cannot be part or allowed to participate as your Egg Card Information is secure and confidential to you alone as the card user, Card trade mark (Reg. No. 4337705-06).

Preferred card holders receive annual benefits; Enjoy the freedom of choice with cash rewards, with 7Days 24Hours Cash Withdrawal Services, Total value of funds to be loaded at intervals cannot exceed your credit line of $5 million USD.

If your available credit is $10,000usd, left in your already issued ATM's Debit Card, your Card in use, will be reloaded with $500,000 USD again, until total $42.8 million USD, is certified paid by Ghana commercial Bank .

MasterCard America, license Agent of Ghana commercial bank ATM's Card, "The most rewarding card of all time. The Ghana commercial bank logo and the tree symbol are service marks of MasterCard America, N.A. All other company and product names and logos are the property of others and their use does not imply endorsement of, or an association with the Ghana commercial bank Finance program.

Ghana commercial bank ATM Egg Debit Card is a federally registered service mark of Visa ATM Card International Inc., and is used by MBNA pursuant to license. MBNA America Bank, N.A., is the issuer and administrator of this Debit card program. MBNA/PRUDENTIAL FINANCE BANK.

The GCB Platinum Plus ATM Egg Debit Card, is issued and administered by Individualized Bank Card Services (IBS), a division of MBNA America Bank, N.A., Ghana commercial bank with MBNA America Bank, has a program to help ensure your Financial success.

Ghana commercial Bank, is assisting you with this mode of fund transfer, just recently introduced and has been commended by their valued customers, especially with foreign beneficiaries-Please, kindly mention code PUBKGHAC5X, as your Bank reference number.

With this Egg Debit card, you can check your account balance and make cash withdrawal without the need for a human teller, from your available initial card limit, value of $150,000 USD at intervals from any ATM's machine worldwide, depending on stipulated withdrawal limit, installed on the ATM machine in use.

For benefit of first time user of any Bank ATM's card, the Egg Debit Card from Ghana commercial Bank is an electronic, Plastic device, that allows a GCB Card holder to identify himself by inserting the card on the ATM and card registration numbers, in which you can verify your pass code and pin code securely. Machines, with a magnetic stripes or smart card with a chip that contains your information

For security reasons, if your card number and pin code is entered incorrectly, your card will be rejected, to avoid guesswork by unauthorized users. Ghana commercial bank Egg Debit Card, has come to stay, by way of effecting instant cash payment, than the old way of transferring funds via bank to bank swift wire transfer, which is always encountered with enormous Documentation problems, i.e; Certificate of Money Laundering, Clearance Approval from Regional Monetary Body, to mention but few.

Upon receipt of this mail, and as directed by banking authority, you will need to forward all relevant requested information with Debit Card Acquisition payment details of $680 USD, to receive your duly issued personal Debit card from Ghana commercial bank.

Try to put a call across to us for more explanation.

Yours in the Visa Egg Debit Card Dept.

HEAD OFFICE P. O. Box 134.
TEL:+233 273 061 047

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