Monday, November 30, 2009


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Union tower
45 worth avenue
Yorkshire London UK
Call +447035981672

We thought you maybe interested in any of our services
business today is competitive, to survive and have a healthy business, we need vast range of network that allow buyers and sellers from any part of the to world contact you for one service or the other,we need more finance to push into business to increase services and attract more costumers, all this we can do for you and more, if you register with us, contact us today.
If you have not know or recognize us, we are situated in the heart of UK london, and we render a lot and vast range of services, our vast range of business network match with today business environment, some of our services that may interest you is as follow.
(1) MARKETING. buying and selling of various goods in bulk
(2) LAON SERVICE. financial service, funding
(3) ADVERTISEMENT. on internet, banners, local and international TV station
(3) BUSINESS ADVISE. we render quality advice and a lot of organization have benefited from that and a lot have testify.
(4) CONSULTATION. we render qualitative talks and guide line on variety of business and starting of new business.
(5) CLEARING AND FORWARDING, we clear all legal goods from all port of entry, seaport, airport land borders in UK and Ireland. a situation where by our service is needed in other country we contact other agency.

Yours sincerely
(MD) Westland Greenwood

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