Thursday, December 24, 2009


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Greetings in the name of God

I am Mrs Aisha Abrahim married to late Mr Ali . Abrahim ,we are from COTE D' IVOIRE, my late husband is a sucessifull cocoa business man,i am suffering from long time cancer of the breast,during our marriage i have no child ,at the process my husband was piosioned by his uncle and he died,As a result of my urgly sickness my doctor told me that i may know live more than one year my late husband deposited some money in one of the international security company here in Cote D'iviore for the family before he was killed,but becouse of my urgily stution illiness i decided to donate the money for the help of the motherless homes, poor people,Orphans,disables and churches ,my bad sickines condition will not permitt me to make use of the money again ,i decide to give it at to the needs for Gods work, You do not need to be suprise for my message because before i contact i prayed the spirit of God directed me chose you personaly and hand this project to your hand i chose you as the spirit of God lead my hearth, to donate this sum of ($2.5,000.000) U.S dollars ,please my dear reply to me urgent for more details so that i will explain better to you and give you the contact of the security company to transfer it to your account, i will forward to you the deposit certificate immidetly,but you will promise me that you will not betray my trust which am going to lay on you now as the spirit encourage me to do, please my dear help me and retrive this money from security company and use it to help the needs ,you will use 20%of the money for your own ,thanks may the lord be with you amen please my dear reply urgent,

Mrs Aisha Abrahim

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