Sunday, December 06, 2009

Good day to You and Your Family

Good day to You and Your Family - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Rev. Dr. Joseph Soglo. []. Return or reply email as -

Attn: Dear Beneficiary,

Good day to You and Your Family.

How are you today? I write to inform you that all arrangement for you to receive your ATM CARD compensation fund which valued $2.5 has been made. The United Nations (UN) attached to Benin Republic government is compensating those from America/Asia and Europe, Etc. citizens that have been scammed by africa scammers. Alot of scam report has been sent to the present government of this country and the United Nations about African scammers mostly from Nigeria and Benin Republic and some other african countries in this regards the government and the (UN) has decided to compensate those affected citizens from all part of the world mostly American Canada Asia Europe ETC in other to redeem the image of the country. Benin Rep Regional office have Release on Your Name, Your Atm Card Number is: 4278763100030014) Your Personall Identification number is 5190. The ATM Card Value is $2.5 Million United States Dollars.

You are to contact the United Nations Compensation Unit (U.N C. U.) Benin Republic through their private email address with below listed information to enable them release and authorize the delivery of your ATM CARD to your address.


1, Your Full Names
2, Your Home Or Office Address
3, Your Mobile Telephone Number for easy and effective communications.

Contact us via our costumer care Private Email Address with the above requested information: Contact person: Rev. Dr. Joseph Soglo.
Phone number: +22996723525

Finally Remember that Your ATM CARD have been Reactivated for Use, I will Advise You to Stop any Further Comunications with anybody whatso ever to avoid Jeorpadizing the whole effort which We have made on your behalf to Receive Your ATM Card, Remain bless as I wait to Hear a good News From You. Email:

Yours in Service
Rev. Dr. Joseph Soglo.
Release dept of (UNCU) C/56 Senade Califo Midombo

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