Saturday, March 27, 2010


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Dear Sir,

I am deeply into evangelical work and have recently been ordained a Pastor to the Glory of God.

Before I became born again a couple of years ago, I was the Director of Works in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing for about ten years in my country The Federal Republic of Benin. During my tenure in this position, I was able to accumulate huge sums of money due to the mode of fund disbursement into my department by the government then.

What actually happened was that the government paid in huge sums into accounts that I was the sole signatory each time there was a project to be executed and because of the long duration it normally took for the projects to be completed, the funds usually accumulated huge interests which due to my worldly nature then, I had managed to divert and secure safely.

Ever since I became born again, these funds have continued to disturb my conscience and because the funds were never in my department's records, there is no how I can declare them. Recently however, I had a revelation to give out these funds as donations, gifts and as seeds into ministries for evangelical work and also to orphanages and the like.

There is currently USD$5,000,000.00 in a separate deposit and I wish to give this as a gift to your ministry to enhance your evangelical mission. The only favor I will however require of you is to be discreet about the donation whenever you receive it. That is, I do not want my name mentioned whatsoever as the donor because of my former position as a government official. As a matter of fact, this singular reason has restricted me from making this donation to any of the local ministries here and I will appreciate your utmost discretion.

I look forward to your response to enable me direct you on how to receive the fund. Please send your reply to me.

I remain yours in the Lord.

Pastor Steve Phillipe.

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