Monday, March 01, 2010


HOW ARE YOU TODAY - email spam message. This message appears sent from - John Umaru []. Return or reply email as -


My name is John Umaru from Liberia,i am presently in Ghana in the Liberia refugee camp, I am 20 years old,I got your contact from my search in the Internet.I understand your religion background with honest humanitarian value. I will appreciate if everything goes transparently between you and me; I had a terrible experience with my formal beneficiary Named Gary Wight,who lived in New Jersey,Black wood USA, it almost destabilizes my hope and trust to succeed.He wanting to claim my consignment of
$7.5 million USD.all for himself,Immediately i notice i told my Lawyer and most painfully he was requesting for 50% of my inheritance contrary to our initial arrangement. I realized he is not reliable and the attitude will deprive me of good life in future. I decided to stop any transfer to him.

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