Monday, April 12, 2010

Dearest one

Dearest one - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Sarah Jane Kumar Harrison []. Return or reply email as -

Dearest one

I am Sarah Kumar Jane, daughter of Vijay Kumar Harrison the Managing Director of Classic Trade United Arab Emirate (Dubai). I am 17 years of age and an undergraduate, raised by my father as a single parent. My father is an Indian but had lived most of his live here in United Arab Emirate until his death. He met his untimely death when unknown gun men shot his car and he died after 4hrs of uncontrolled bleeding and I have been left alone in this world for 9 months since his sudden death.

In my strive to survive here, I have sold most of my belongings to eat but recently as I was searching through my fathers files, I saw the document of nine hundred thousand British Pounds (900,000:00 pounds) deposit he made on my name with a finance house [Chelsea Private Bank] in United Kingdom for my up keep and education because he had wanted to move me to the UK for my education when I get to 18yrs of age but his sudden death denied me this privilege, tears!!

Please bear with me that I don't hear clearly, I seriously need help from you as the environment I am is not friendly again. All my father's friends are now seeing me as a pest and are not welcoming again and some ask for sex before they could help me.

Please I am seeking your consent to assist me especially in the area of moving me out of this place to a new environment where I will continue my education and also for the claims of this money because I wrote to the Bank, but they needed an adult who will stand for me as my guardian before they can release this fund to me to avoid mismanagement and other risk according to them since I am still under age.

Please I beg you to help my situation; I shall furnish you with all the necessary information regarding this deposit for you to contact the Bank in United Kingdom on my behalf telling them I have asked for the transfer of the fund to you as my guardian.

I shall wait upon your response and if you are not in the good position to help me, please your advice and assistance will be appreciated.Please contact me on my private e-mail:

Sarah J. Kumar.

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