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Fun Central party with underage girls and alcohol

Fun Central in Clearfield PA is advertised as a fun place for children to play, eat and have fun.

Get invited to a private after hours party and look out. I went to the Fun Central website and no where could I find private stay all night parties that allow minors to consume alcohol.

Below we have an excerpt of a Fun Central email with the owner admitting to the wrongdoings he participated in at a "halloween" party at his place of business in 2009. Remind you, a place of business that caters to children. From what I've read and seen there will be NO children under my supervision permitted to visit this facility.

Whether Mr. Macahan provided the alcohol or not, he is a 34 year old MARRIED business man who should no better. Allowing underage drinking within your establishment, let alone with minors, is just unacceptable among other things.

And what a great guy he must be to go to the high school and pick up a 17 year old female to make sure she gets to work on time.

excert of Fun Central email

“Hello to all my Advertisers,
“I am sending this email out to everyone as a plea for a favor. As most of you know, unfortunately I made a very unwise decision back in October of last year to have an after-hours party for my staff and some friends. Being the nice guy that I am, I let everyone bring there own beverages, well there were some underage … there that apparently brought alcohol and consumed it on my property. A few months after this, I had one of my best employees promoted to management, … and was by far the best choice for this position, as most of you know, the majority of my staff is … and right away we had major jealousy between staff members and of course evrybody had to assume that this staff member was having a relationship with me. Because of the rumors, and the girl being 17 at the time, an investigation was conducted by the school and police department, the police interviewed the girls and it was completely found to be UNTRUE and RUMORS, but during the investigation, this Halloween party got brought out and I was charged with Corruption of Minors for furnishing alcohol that I NEVER furnished. The way the cop worded things in the affidavent was so twisted and wrong and the media twisted it even worse and blew this whole thing up out of proportion. WJAC -TV was definetly the worst, but many of your companies followed pursuit. I believe my lawyer has worked out a plea-bargain with the DA to one count of disorderly conduct which is a minor offense, but we will not know until the hearing tomorrow.
“I am asking as a favor, just as you all have asked me for favors to advertise with your agencies. The last hit from the media, has definetly hurt our business, which is oriented towards kids, and we can NOT take any more bad publicity. I spend on average $6000 – $7000 a month on advertising and for a small business I feel I have helped each and every one of you with different promotions and such. I will NOT help anyone that is willing to cut my throat and do what they can to hurt us for a stupid small story like this. I’m asking all of you to get this to the right people and not have this hit the media, because I will be watching who takes care of us and they will be the first in line to get advertising from me. I have many other sources that I continously turn down and I will start using them if need be. I am not trying to threaten anyone but I am simply asking for a favor just like you all have done to me. Thanks for your time and understanding and a BIG thank-you to the sources on this list who kept this out of the news the first time it hit.”
Josh McCahan
Fun Central Inc."

First of all, you would not be needing to beg your advertisers for help had you left your brain do your thinking and not something else.

Second of all, what makes you so special that this behavoir be dismissed and swept under the rug.

Third, for all those who kept this quite the first time, YOU are just as guilty in condoning these activities.

Fourth, there would have been no hits to your business had you done what a 34 year old married business man should do. I don't need to tell you what that is. You know the answer.

There's five, six and seven, but I think everyone gets the picture.

If your business faulters or fails its not because of what the media did (they would not of had anything to report) its what you did or didn't do. And sure as the sun rises everyday there is things that the media will never know.

In my opinion you, Mr. Josh McCahan, should be penalized just the same as my next door neighbor Mr. Nobody who works part time for mininum wage. He'd be in jail already most likely with an outrageous bail.

With an owner of a business who caters to children, pulling shananagins like this, would you want your children to go there??????

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At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr mccahan has a history of escapades
ask his wife she knows


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