Wednesday, May 26, 2010


WINNER OF WORLD CUP 2010 - email spam message. This message appears sent from - LOTTERY BOARD [].


Dear Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of South African Lottery, which was held on the 8th of May, 2010. Your e-mail address attached to prize winning Number: 02-08-09-19-27-33-34, and supplementary number: 18-40 drew a prize of $3,000,000.00 (Three Million United States Dollars).
This lucky draw came first in the 2nd Category of the Sweepstake. You will receive the sum of $3,000,000.00 (Three Million United Dollars) from our authorized agent here in South Africa we advice that you keep all information about this prize confidential until your funds: $3,000,000.00 is transferred to you by the authorized bank in the Southafrica.
You must adhere to this instruction, strictly, to avoid any delay with the release of your funds to you. This program has been abused severally in past, so we are doing our best to forestall further occurrence of past mix-ups.
Your e-mail address attached to prize winning number:3 7 9 16 27 28 was selected and; it came first through an e-ballot draw from over 250,000 e-mail addresses (personal and corporate e-mail addresses). This program is sponsored by South African 2010 partners Telkom /vodacom/microsoft the biggest telecommunication company in South Africa to compensate faithful internet suffers around the globe and to support/promote the 2010 world cup soccer hosting right .

Congratulations for becoming one of the 10 lucky winners.

You must claim your prize: $3,000,000.00 not later than 30 days from the moment you receive this e-mail.
Please contact Mr. Tyson Scott the claim agent immediately on this email -

Provide him with your winning details.
(i). Your name(s), Age
(ii) Your telephone and fax numbers
(iii) Your contact address
(iv) Your winning information

Danny Jordaan

For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fit to claim your prize. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements. Please be warned.
Yours Faithfully,
{Mrs.} Nelly Chris (Zonal Co-coordinator Sec.)

Report any spam message to SPAM@UCE.GOV and the spam & abuse department of the sent from domain.

ALL Links and images were removed or disabled from Spammers message.

Don't just delete these scammers and fraudsters messages - REPORT them.

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