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Brandon Area Events

* Friday June 25 - 1-3 pm, 119 E. Reynolds St. Plant City, FL. Book Signing for "Sword of the Wild Rose." Join Ruth and cover artist Debra Bryant .
* Saturday June 26 - The DEBUT SIGNING for Sword of the Wild Rose will be held at the Brandon Life Way from 11-1 pm. There will be a drawing for the two previous books in the series and a special sale price for the third book, Sword of the Wild Rose. Hope to see you there. Life Way Christian Store, 169 Brandon Town Center Drive, Brandon, FL 33511, (813) 653-9828
* Brandon Christian Writers meet 4th Thursday of every month. For information, check out our blog .

Ohio Area Events

* Saturday, June 19 1–4 pm, Author signing, Farmer's Country Store, 540 N. High St. Lancaster, OH. For info: (740) 654-4853.
* Friday, July 30 1–4 pm, Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, Author signing on the historic veranda of the beautiful Reese-Peters mansion, 145 East Main St. Lancaster, OH 43130-3713. (740) 681-1423.

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The Wildrose Inspirational Series Book Trailer

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My Blog: The Shepherdess


For some time now, and at the urging of my friends, I have given some thought to writing a blog. Who can say how the thoughts of our heart germinate into reality, but here it is. I pray this personal glimpse into the life of a "shepherdess" will bless the reader and be a source of inspiration to those who dedicate their lives to ministry and to the spiritual welfare of the little lambs and the sheep of God's flock.

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June 2010

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Hello Friends and Readers!

Another year has passed and another book in the Wildrose series will soon be released by Ambassador International. This is the third book in the series, but in reality, it should be the first! Sword of the Wild Rose is a prequel to the previous two books, The Wild Rose of Lancaster and the Wild Rose of Promise.

Why didn't I write this story first? Well…at that time, I was just too involved with a myriad of other duties to do all the research such a project required. So…here I am now, doing it anyway.

Happy Birthday! After many reader requests for Derick's story, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. It took almost two years. I didn't spend two years on the book—just two years to get it done! Thinking like a man required a number of trips to Mars and then I wasn't sure I had it right. I also need to work around my husband's schedule and I'm often sidetracked for weeks at a time.

Here I am on my __ birthday with the manuscript in the mail. Hallelujah!

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Sword of the Wild Rose released April 2010

Derick's Story

I see for the last time, the shores of me homeland…and I remember all that I have lost...all that I have loved and known. There is no place for me…nay, no country where I can live free, no place where I can unlock me heart and allow the tears to come. For I am a man…a man who has lost his way, and I fear, I will not find it again. I don't know where to start; nay…I don't know where to start. When will the sorrow end, where will hope begin? Will truth and light break through this terrible night? Then…I saw her standing there…spinning circles in the snow while moonlight streamed across her hair and her eyes spoke without words …and she said to me… "you know, there is a place where you can always go…come with me…come with me…"

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Writers of the Glen
Writing Workshop
June 12, 2010

Writers Corner

On Saturday June 12 from 11 am - 3 pm join award winning author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger, for our second annual "Writers of the Glen" writing workshop. It will be held at the beautiful Glenlauren Inn. The theme for this year's workshop is: Home is Where Your Story Begins (I found it in the closet) Writing from Life's Experience. The author will be offering a Q&A time for workshop attendees at the end of the session. Space is limited, so hurry and book your place now.

* Cost: $75 (includes lunch)

* Contact:

* Kelley Leonard
* Glenlaurel Inn
* Office: (740) 385-2951, ext. 310
* Fax: (740) 385-9669
* Email
* Website



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When you open the pages of Sword of the Wild Rose, be ready for a tale that tugs at your heartstrings and keeps you on the edge of your seat. In a story as fresh and relevant as today's headlines, Ellinger explores the meaning of liberty, courage, honor, and patriotism while weaving a mosaic of history that is colorful, complex, and constantly riveting.

With an amazing attention to detail, Ellinger creates a fascinating array of characters who are compelling, passionate, richly crafted and as memorable as your first love.

CAROLE GIFT PAGE, award-winning author of 48 books including Becoming a Woman of Passion (Fleming Revell) The House on Honeysuckle Lane (Thomas Nelson) and Hawaiian Dreams (Barbour, Oct. 2010)

In her latest novel, Sword of the Wild Rose, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger not only tells an endearing story, but also accurately portrays the character and spirit of Daniel Morgan, a real life revolutionary war general who has not always been adequately recognized for his role in America's War of Independence.

The folksy powerfully built Morgan, however, is well known in New York State where his rifle corps contributed significantly to the American victory at Saratoga, and where the defeated British General Burgoyne claimed Morgan’s regiment to be the finest in the world; in New Jersey where he allegedly was born and also fought; in South Carolina where his brilliant leadership and strategy led to a critical victory at the Cowpens which stopped the British advance in the South; and, finally, in the Winchester/Frederick County area of Virginia where he lived and always returned after his military exploits and where his body lies today in Mount Hebron Cemetery.

GEORGE R. SCHEMBER is President of the Winchester Frederick County Historical Society and holds an MA in history from the University of Tennessee. He lives with his wife, Jeanne, in the Daniel Morgan House in Winchester where the General died on July 6, 1802.

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