Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CASD gets offer to sell Marcellus gas rights

As reported on the front page of The Progress, August 24, 2010, Clearfield Area School District (CASD) has been offered $4,500 per acre and 15% royalty to sell Marcellus gas rights under the Clearfield Area High School property.

Of course there is alot of issues that need to be considered before such a sale be consummated. Hopefully, the school board members will take the time to address all the issues, as well as the input of the residents who they are to represent. Remember that as a school board member, you were elected to do what the citizens that you represent want, NOT what you want. Whatever the general concensus would be then as school board members your vote should follow that.

One of the very first things that should be done immeadiately, NOT CONSIDERED OR TABLED, is use the proceeds of such a sale to provide real property tax relief. After all this land, etc belongs to the hard working taxpayer, not a few board members and their friends.

What better way to also stimulate the local economy by returning the money to the taxpayer. Imagine what a few hundred dollars per household would do. The CASD cannot keep raising taxes and wasting taxpayer dollars - one reason why the Clearfield Area needs revitalization. When will you wake up see how your actions have helped to crush the local economy. If a decision is made to sell or lease these mineral rights, then do the right thing and RETURN the money to the taxpayer.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went quiet. No one has heard anything of this since. Could it be another Swisher land deal like the elementary school. If that wasn't a inside deal.


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