Sunday, August 29, 2010

Payment Notification

Payment Notification - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Robert Clarkson []. 11/24/10. Return or reply email as -

Office of Mr. Robert Clarkson,
British Fund Debt Settlement Office London UK.
Our: Ref: BDSL/UKT/104/10
Subject: Payment Notification.

Attn: Beneficiary.

We have this day received a payment credit instruction from the British Government to credit your account with the sum of $8,500,000.00 US dollars from the British reserve account here in London UK.

Be informed that that your funds have been programmed for immediate release into your nominated bank account, but we can not transfer this fund Direct to your nominated bank account, because we do not have your banking details for the transfer.

You are to reconfirm to us the following information to enable us process your fund for transfer and to avoid transferring to wrong person.

Your Full Name: __________________________ Your Complete Address:___________________ Name of City and Residence:_______________ Country:__________________________________
Direct Telephone Number:__________________ Mobile Number:___________________________
AGE :_____________________________________
Fax Number:_______________________________
Occupation: _______________________________ Bank details:___________________________

Note that this payment will commence immediately we receive your information.

Thanks for your understanding and congratulations.

I await your immediate response.

Yours in service,
Mr.Robert Clarkson.

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