Friday, October 08, 2010

Clearfield Pa Economy Booming

Yes, the town Clearfield, Clearfield County Pa is booming. New buildings going up in town, county is buying buildings to tear down for a few parking spots, and the school district is receiving so much tax money from all the employed people that the Clearfield Area School District board votes to increase pay by $2,200 for 12 administrators.

With such a great bustling economy that raise should be even more. Get the canoers to spend some money in town and that raise could be even more. Don't you forget even with the raise these administrators are severely underpaid and those paying the taxes are still severely overpaid.

With the rest of the country in financial shambles, maybe they should all visit Clearfield, PA and learn something about the economy.

Following is excerpt of article found in The Progress September 28,2010.

Administrators in CASD given $2,200 raise
Tuesday, September 28, 2010
By Jeff Corcino Staff Writer
The Clearfield Area Board of School Directors voted to give its administrators a $2,200 raise across the board at its meeting last night.
The board approved the one-year contract for its 12 administrators, which includes principals, assistant principals and directors, following a 45-minute executive session.
However, administrators will now have to pay a portion of their health care costs. For single coverage it will cost $40 per month, for spouse or child $60 per month and $80 per month for family coverage, according to board president David Glass.
Voting against the proposal were Richard Schickling and Dr. Michael Spencer. Jennifer Wallace abstained. Schickling said he voted against it because he thought the raise was too large; Spencer declined to comment.
Wallace abstained because her husband, Kevin Wallace, is principal of the high school.
All members were in attendance.

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