Friday, October 01, 2010

Crest Capital: Adding Equipment or Software

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Dear Derek:

If you need easy application-only Equipment Financing at better rates... and who doesn't... we can help. If you want to minimize cost, and maximize your time – we offer you a secure, painless way to access Equipment Financing in a fraction of the time – and at better rates. Want to apply for equipment financing from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office (no financial statements required) and receive a virtually instantaneous decision, we can help.

We are one of the nation’s most highly regarded equipment finance companies, assisting thousands of businesses with their financing needs since 1989. Now Crest Capital offers a new automated process allowing you to drive the equipment and software financing experience.

We provide some distinct advantages that differentiate us, including:

* Speed: Confirmation of your equipment Loan or Lease Application is completed in minutes without the hassles of gathering tax returns and financial statements.

* Flexibility: You select the payment that fits your budget with our Instant Quote tool and see how we can offer you the benefits and ease of financing—as well as affordability.

* Finance equipment, vehicles, furniture even software: You can get a Loan or Lease for almost any type of equipment – New or Used. You pick the equipment from the seller(s) of your choice, and Crest Capital provides the funding, all for one low monthly payment.

What equipment, vehicles, furniture, or software do you need for your business this year? Call us today at 800-245-1213 for a no charge consultation or visit our website for an Instant Quote for any financing needs.


George Messic
Account Executive
Crest Capital
8601 Dunwoody Place
Atlanta, GA 30356
(800)245-1213 X143

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