Thursday, October 07, 2010

Re: Query

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Good Morning,

We are pleased to offer our latest and updated business directories, which will be very useful for your business:

1. Eurasian Business Directory - a comprehensive database containing 1.200.000 companies from Russia and the East-European countries. The Directory covers all business categories and contains more than 1 million email addresses.
The data can be easily exported to Excel sheet and then used for your marketing needs. The price of the directory is 210.- EUR.

2. Russian Tourism Guide - database of all Russian tour operators and travel agents. The price of the directory is 150.- EUR.

3. European Travel Guide - database of the leading tour operators and travel agents from the European Union. The price of the directory is 150.- EUR.

4. Russian VIP Database - database with contact details of Russian millionaires. If you offer any luxury services or sell real estate and luxury products, this directory is an ideal tool for you.

You can find detailed information about our business directories at our web site.

Sincerely yours,

Sergey Petrov,

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