Friday, December 24, 2010

Free Cell Phones Obama phone safelink wireless

Get a free cell phone with up to 750 minutes a month. Text your friends for FREE.

Go get yourself an Obama phone.
1. To qualify you must be a physically capable individual of putting in a hard days work like the rest of society, except you choose not to.
2. Make excuses why you can't work.
3. Be a leech and suck all the money from the working person trying to
get ahead by having them pay for all your free stuff.
4. You deserve a cell phone because you can't work.
5. Blame everyone else for your lack of education to why you can't work, although it's not their fault you chose not to get educated and get a good paying job.
6. Keep making excuses why your capable body cannot go to work like everyone else.

As a note these Obama phones are supposed to be for emergencies. Then why would someone need 750 minutes. An emergency is required when you need to call 911. texteing or calling your mother to chat, cancelling a doctor appointment, etc is not an emergency.

If you meet the minimum requirements then you should recieve a free Obama phone. At a far cheaper price(FREE) than what the hard working person pays for the same service. Then again maybe the hard working person is stupid cause they pay for all their stuff.


At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Safelink Phone Number said...

There is no need to stress how necessary mobile phones are especially for emergencies or important situations. Fortunately, the partnership of Tracfone Wireless with State and Federal governments has opened an opportunity for low income earners to have access to a free phone. All one needs to do is to apply online for the SafeLink Wireless Program and once you qualify you will receive your free cell phone with free allowance of monthly minutes. You may now use your new Safelink phone number for urgent and important purposes.


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