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(Private Loans from Private Investors)

Dear Borrowers’, Is the bank giving you a difficult time regarding your financial situation? Richard Hughes Loan House is a successful private money lenders/investor that will personally help you out with its personal cash flow. Richard Hughes Loan House lends individuals money against their home equity, business loan, personal loan, student loan, etc.

Richard Hughes Loan House loans up to 75% CLTV (combined loan to value) on the property. The company will do what the BANKS WON'T DO...which is treating you like a human and not a number...what a concept! Traditional banks are only looking at the bottom line – they punch and crunch the numbers and POOOF! What the computer numbers dictate, it decides whether you stay afloat or drown.

Sure they’ll make excuses and may even try to make a penalty deal which eventually still overwhelms the current situation. The only other option is BANKRUPTCY! Well, the company has a LIFE BOAT for your business or personal needs that negates the BANKRUPTCY option. Do you care to swim or sink? If not, email me @ and we can get together and discuss this further.

Nevertheless, the company will also use its money to help you out of debt if you are behind on your mortgage. The company will provide funds to take over your mortgage so you no longer have a monthly debt and you can walk away from the house payment that was creating such a burden in your life.

The company will assist you in repairing your credit and removing the mortgage rates, so you can get a fresh start again. You could give me a call through any of the numbers above, if your mortgage is going to adjust hundred's or thousand's monthly and you don't know what to do next, then call now.

Most foreclosures that have already occurred could have been prevented if stopped soon enough to find out there options. Whether you are in foreclosure or worried you could be affected by your mortgage adjusting and as a result losing your home because of rising payments, then act fast and give us a call.

We have helped people in various areas and location with the same situation. Nevertheless, We also specialize in unsecured business lines of credit by matching your credit profile with your business history with our network of lending sources.
Stated Income
No Collateral
No Tax Returns
No Financial Statements
1 day application and less than 2 week funding.

RICHARD HUGHES LOAN HOUSE can be structured to fit just about any situation. So if you have a special need, questions, or concerns, the company will do its best to help you out.

In the meantime here are some general guidelines:
• Minimum loan amount: $1,000.00USD
• Maximum loan amount: $100,000,000.00 USD • Loan Period: Can be from 30 Days up to Thirty years.
• Payments: INTEREST ONLY, with the balance due at the end of the loan period.

It will take 7 working days to process your loan from the date you apply and you have the loan fund.

• Areas the company can work with: United States of America (All 50 STATES), Mexico, Canada, China, New Zealand, Ireland, Austria, Australia, Germany, Spain & the United Kingdom etc.

Thank you and have a profitable day

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