Saturday, December 25, 2010

[QC-48]small business mailing lists

[QC-48]small business mailing lists - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Kermit Hess []. Return or reply email as -

Database offers until Friday:

Any 3 lists below $239 - Individual List Price: $109 ea

> Complete US Physicians Database
> Chiropractic Doctors in the USA
> American Holistic Medicine Providers/Clinics General Dentists in the
> USA Dentists with Specialties American Veterinarians & Veterinary
> Clinics US Hospitals Nursing Homes int the US Pharmaceutical Company
> Employees Physical/Occupational Therapy Clinics and Therapists in the
> US Oncology Physicians in the US US Surgery Centers Massage
> Therapists/Therapy Clinics in America Acupuncturists/clinics in the US
> Medical Equipment Suppliers(USA) Mental Health Counselors (USA)
> Optometrists/Clinics (USA) Psychologists (USA)

Any 2 lists below: $299 - Individual lists: $179 ea

> Hotels in the USA
> Realtors in the USA
> USA Business Database
> Manufacturer Database (USA)
> Financial Planner Database (USA)
> Finance & Professionals Database (USA) Insurance Agents (USA) Canadian
> Businesses United Kingdom Business Database Media Outlet Contacts
> (USA)

$99 each

> USA Consumer Database
> Credit Inquiries Database (USA)
> American Homeowners

$125 each

> USA Lawyers Database
> Criminal Attorneys in the US

Email me for counts, breakdowns and sample spreadsheets:

By emailing you will have your email taken off

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