Thursday, January 27, 2011

attention John Addo Smith

attention John Addo Smith - email spam message. This message appears sent from -

Dearest One,

I take the liberty of writing you this very confidential mail. I implore you to give it your maximum attention as the contents are in absolute good faith.With due respect and humility writing you. And i know that my mail will come to you as a surprise. I have a... view more proposal for you, this however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor against your will. Your profile that i saw in internet pushed me to send you this mail;

I am John Addo the son of Mr Partrick Addo Kodjo who died in Liberia during the last political conflict in our country.My Father was the special advicer to the present Samuel Doe and He was very influencial and wealthy.This is very important for me and my family as you might having been hearing or watching in the International news about the War ranging nation of Liberia .my died during the war in our country and I was able to ran away to our neighboring country Ghana for safety.

That I have contacted you is to let you know that this is 100% risk free an their is no any kind of joke if you think so please don’t mind replying my mail. My Father Deposited the sum of $5 Million USD and 60kg of Gold in a security company in Lome Togo West Africa .mother and other siblings have been secretly moved to Angola for safety, which my father has directed me to go to republic of Togo before his death to claim his fund which he kept under a safe security company. This is where I need you to come in. My father has deposited a total sum of $5million USD and a 60kg of Gold in a safe box as my family belongings ,I got to know this when i went to Liberia for my mother's burial and I have to get the deposit certificate in a safe in my father's bed room and have confirm with the security company that our family fund is in their custody. I want a trusted person whom i will present as the beneficiary to my family fund and He will help me to claim this fund and get me an invitation letter to his/her country for investment. You will advice me on a very good investment or business in your country that i can invest on and look for a good Gold Buyer in your country to disposed the 60kg 0f Gold when I get to your country.

Please you have to assure me the safety of the treasure and fund immediately is in your possession before I join you in your country . You Will have to come down to republic of Togo to meet with me and the Security company so that you can do and sign all related papers that will place you in charge of the box which this fund is place. I have placed a 30% of the fund and the Gold as a compensation or reward to whom so ever come to my help . If you know that you can be able to help me and assure me that the fund will be safe in your hand you have to send to me the below information to handle this transaction of transfer of change of Ownership so that you can claim this fund while I rejoin you immediately in your country. Please send to me this information so that I can give you the security company and present you to them.

Complete name
Home Address
office address
Marital Status
Name of your company
Your position in the company

If you agree that you can handle all financial issue concern the transferring of my family name to yours as my father desire not to be on the lime light because i am financial handicap here in Lome Togo, please don`t hesitate to respond back ,In love with expectation and your attention for cooperation.

Your Sincerely
John Addo
call me +22898849409

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