Monday, January 10, 2011

Barr Tony James

Barr Tony James - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Return or reply email as -

Your urgent Assistance is Needed

Hello Friend,

Are you capable of doing this business with me?

The business is i want you to stand as a next of kin to my late client Engineer Ali Hameed (C.E.O Garlic Oil & Gas Ltd.) who died in an auto crash in New York City in year 2000 and he has some documents with me that states there is whooping sum of USD$6.5m in a bank called MayBank Plc, and next of kin is not stated in the documents with me.

Now the deal is just that you will act as the next of kin to the bank and I will give you answers to any questions that is require by the Bank Manager.

But first before i give you the details of the bank manager, i want you to assure me that this deal is safe with you because it is a confidential matter and i don't want any third party to be involved.

So if you are assuring me that, then send me the following details to proceed

full name,
private no,

to, and i will give you the full details of the bank manager and a draft letter which you will send to the bank manager for the claim.

Await your soonest response. for any further details.

Best Regards.
Barr Tony James.

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