Monday, January 10, 2011

Bti-Sports fly reels for 2011

New machined floating reels and fly reels for 2011 - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Bti-Sports [].

Based on our successfully development of CNC machined fly reels, we also provide customer service, customer can decide the cosmetic design, size and drag system.

New reels are high light in followings with our customer oriented service.

New high end machined floating reel (center pin reel),

Reel in 11.5cm diameter of capacity 275 yards 8 lb line with 50 yards 20 lb backing line. It is built specially for floating fishing in UK, US and north EU. Unit price is around USD40 to USD50

New super light click-stop reel,

Size 1/3 and 3/5 super large arbor click stop reel with mechanic click & stop device, palm drag system, idea for short creek rods. Unit price is USD30 to 35

Super light and waterproof traveling reel,

Super light and super large arbor waterproof fly reel 4/7 plus 7/9 extra spool, traveling reel design, unit price from USD35 to 42. Sample order or trial order can be supported now

Heavy-duty waterproof fly reel, super large arbor with sealed and enhanced drag system, can be used in all conditions

We designed 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, three sizes, unit price is at the range of USD 42 to USD 48. Samples will be ready by end of Feb. 2011. More specifications can be finished by customer’s request.

Saltwater fly reel, powerful disc-drag system especially for saltwater.

We designed size 7/9 and 10/12. More specifications can be finished by customer’s request. Unit price is at the range of USD 48 to USD 52. They are ready.

Size 5/7 CNC cassette fly reel in three different cosmetics

The unit price is CNY 295.0 (USD 44.70/pc) including two transparent spool and one combo reel bag. Sample order or trial order can be supported now.

Our classic travelling fly reel (4/6 reel plus 7/9 extra spool), super large arbor fly reels from size 3/5 to 7/9 and standard arbor fly reels from size 1/3 to 12/14 are still very popular among our selling.

Any items you are interested in please feel free to let us know. Can you kindly let us know what type fly fishing you are focus on? Fresh water or salt water, Then we can develop accordingly for you.

Chao Hang

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