Sunday, February 27, 2011

China Factory Offer

China Factory Offer disposable tablewares and packings - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Alan [].

Our company is founded in 1998. We take up more than 54,000 square meters of area, including standard workshops, dormitories with excellent condition and a beautiful refectory.

There are several imported machines, including ILLIG thermochemical machines, Reifenhauser extrusion plastic machines, VAN DAM 6 colors printers and auto picking-up machines. Therefore, our production lines are complete. We are doing our best to improve the degree of acclimatization, in order to make us a modern corporation.

We have got FDA and CE certification. Our products take a great share in American and Euro market.

Best regards

Some of our products samples here. ttp:// ttp://

We consider there is potential chance to establish business relationship when we visited your website, so we write you. Howerer if we've taken trouble to you, please remove your mail address from our mailling book. thank you.

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