Friday, February 11, 2011


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Have you tried to obtain loans from banks without success? Urgently need money to get out of debt? Need money for expansion or establishment of your own business?.
We grant hard money loans and every other types of loans, with an interest rate ranging from 3%- 5%.
We grant out loans Nation Wide, ranging from 1,000.00 TO 100 Million USD/POUNDS/EURO.
We fund 100% and with an LTV of 75%-85% on property acquisition, Reply to this

We offer the following types of Hard Money Loans:
Hard Money Loan; Line of credit,
Commercial Hard Money Loans
Personal Hard Money Loans
Business Hard Money Loans
Investments Hard Money Loans
Development Hard Money Loans
Acquisition-Loans Equipment Leasing
Start-up Loans Commercial Property Loans Inventory Loans Unsecured Borrowing Construction loans Accounts Receivable Loans Lines of Credit Factoring Warehouse Financing Machinery Loans Working Capital Loans Flooring Lines Agricultural Loans, International Loans Purchase Order Financing: Virtually ANY TYPE BUSINESS LOAN E.T.C...

If interested contact us via email:

Tony Belly

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