Wednesday, February 02, 2011

LIHEAP Funding Needs Cut

Much to the disagreement of those collecting LIHEAP benefits, this program needs drastic cuts. Not only will it help balance budgets, but it will force those able and capable to work off their duffs and into the workforce. More people working will increase tax revenues across the board as well as provide more income to flow into the struggling small businesses pocketbooks, thus requiring more hiring and generating even more tax dollars to lower budget deficits.

Now there are some people who really do need some help. we're not talking about those few. It's the ones who leech the system and make excuses why their able and capable bodies can't work and provid3e for themselves. And how many of them claim they have no money to pay for heat, yet they smoke top dollar cigarettes, drink top dollar beer, and pay for pet food for mutliple cats and dogs. Take that into consideration, if your that NEEDY then you couldn't afford all those things.

But then again I guess you deserve that Marlboro cigarette cause your to good to smoke a generic brand.

Even cutting LIHEAP benefits for the elderly should be considered. Who's fault is it that they spend like there was no tomorrow when younger and saved nothing?? Surely not my back or yours is it. If they are that needy maybe the $30,000 they spent over 45 years to buy food and care for one cat, they could have saved it to pay for their heat now.

LIHEAP should only be for those in most desperate need. Not for those who feel they are too special to work, or lack the fiscal responsibilty of providing core neccessities for themselves throughout life, nor saving for the future.

There are millions and millions out there who do this everyday. They sacrifice and work hard to provide for themselves. I'm sure most of them would prefer to sit on the couch all day, but they don't.

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At 7:53 AM, Anonymous jj somerset said...

I just wanna say thank you for all those who provide me with free heat. I could probably buy it on my own, but then Bobo would have no dog food. Times are tough I just don't know what i'd do without Bobo. So again thanks for all those who care and provide free heating oil to me. jj


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