Thursday, February 03, 2011

To have successful business connect

To have successful business connect with users with necessary occupation, rank & offer - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Captain Vladimir Moldovan [].

Dear ,

We invite to view the occupation of our USERS.
You can see occupation of our USERS here:

The Occupations are in following categories:

* Work at Sea - Vacancies
* Work at Sea - Candidates
* Work on shore - Vacancies
* Work on shore - Candidates
* Maritime Companies - Persons in charge
* They work on shore as...
* They (Their Company) can support your Company as...
* They are in searching of…
* Money.
* Other.

To Update & Correct information about yourself enter:
Your E-mail:

You can enter with new E-mail and receive new Login & Password on new E-mail.

Best regards,
Captain Vladimir Moldovan.

If not interesting – remove yourself from Catalogue:



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