Sunday, February 06, 2011

Walmart Checkout Customer Time is Worthless

More often than not when shopping at Walmart you'll spend more time in line checking out than necessary. While Walmart has sophisticated computer software to track customers and sales volumes and schedule employees it apparently leaves out your time. At a cost of $10 to $20 dollars per hour per employee reducing the amount of cashiers increases the bottom line. Granted they are a business and we don't expect them to have a dozen cashiers standing around doing nothing costing them money.

While there is a cost to Walmart for you to checkout there is also a cost to you. Doesn't your time count for something. While we can't really put a dollar cost on your time, it's still worth something. The money Walmart is saving by not having one or two additional cashiers is coming out of your pocket.

We have done time studies (unofficial) at several Walmart stores and found the average wait time to be in excess of 15 minutes. Now that don't seem like much, but as Walmart would say that penny saved means nothing on one item, it's worth millions when selling 100,000 plus items per day. 15 minutes every other day over 20 years gives you over 500 hours of wasted time. What could you do with that extra 500 hours of time? Dollar wise at federal minimum wage of $7.25 hour that's $3,625 dollars it cost you to stand in line. What a nice vacation that $3,625 dollars and 500 hours would make.

Don't forget that while Walmart's time is Golden your time is worthless. You just stand in line for as long as it takes so Walmart can save a dime at your expense.

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