Tuesday, March 15, 2011


POSITION ON IRAQ / US SOLDIER ! REPLY - email spam message. This message appears sent from - STEVEN BOYKEWICH [Sgtsteven_boykewich@mail2Soldier.com ]. Return or reply email as - www-data@karikuszhosting.hu.

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I salute you.Your first reaction to this mail will be total rejection, sc= are and may be disbelief, owning largely to the atrocities people commit = these days.May I ask for your permission to relay this piece of informati= on to you for a mutual benefitual venture which I and two other colleague= s in the joint military service in Iraq intended to disclose to you. =0D =0D I am SGT steven boykewich of the allied military service in Iraq. We have= huge funds to invest and the funds were secured in CASH( united states d=
ollars) in many trunk boxes during one of our raid operations in the area= occupied by one of the strong former aid to late Iraqi president Saddam = Hussein called CHEMICAL ALI. We have moved them out of iraq for our futur= e investments through the missionary diplomatic service in Iraq. =0D =0D My good friend and esteem partner,as military officers, we have no permis= sion engaging into civil operations and based on that reason, we conclude= d in contacting you for assistance to invest the funds in good and profit= able ventures. This project is risk free as no body in the allied militar= y high command knows the where-about of the containers. Rev. Pastor Mark = smith of missionary international assisted us to move the box out of iraq= through the missionary diplomatic service for safe keeping in a security= firm. He will give you all details of this project and how you will secu= re the funds for investment. =0D =0D On the other hand, he will assist you change all documents of deposit of = the box in your name to enable you have full legal control over the money= for investments. Contact Rev. pastor Mark Smith on his direct email addr=
ess(rev.marksmith5@gmail.com) for more details.He is a TRUSTED man of God= and will handle this project with you with fear of the almighty God,but = one question i would love to ask you is that if you can be trusted in han= delling this transaction ? Relay all your arrangements with Rev. Pastor M= ark Smith to me for my records although we will soon be moved to KABUL AF= GHANISTAN for more militarily operations. =0D =0D I will be writing you from military base in KABUL for updates from you. I= have perfected the best modality to be employed for fastest transaction = for our subsequent success. God bless you for your cooperation and unders= tanding. =0D =0D SGT. STEVEN BOYKEWICH =0D MILITARY BASE BAGHDAD,IRAQ =0D

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