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Top 5 Strategies Facebook Business

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Here are the Top 5 Strategies to Get More "Likes" for Your Facebook Business Page

From a salespersons perspective there are only two ways to get new customers.
You can either invest in advertising to get them to call you, or prospect and go find them.

Let’s look at how to achieve that goal using both strategies with Facebook.

Strategy 1 – Bribe them! Use contests and giveaways to incentivize your fans to suggest your page to their friends, or at least share your page with their newsfeed. Many businesses have used apps to achieve this, but we prefer what we call a non-app application. This is where someone can share your page with pre-written content from you, but your page doesn’t ask them to ‘Allow’ your application to see their account. Many people feel uneasy about ‘Allowing’ and are very leery it will spam their friends.
The non-app application can also gather emails and gives you a list of those who entered so you know who to draw from.

Strategy 2 - Put Facebook to work for you by using their ads. As you may already realize, Facebook gathers an incredible amount of information on those who’re willing to supply it, and most people are.
So if you own a bicycle shop in Los Angeles and want to narrow your ads to those only interested in cycling in the L.A. area, viola Facebook can target just those people with your ad.

Strategy 3 – Engage your audience. Using this tool correctly can get you your most loyal fans.
When you post content that encourages your current fans to participate by commenting or posting to your page, their posts will run through the newsfeeds of all of their friends, which is them giving you an introduction. Those who see the post and indentify with the content will visit your page and hopefully ‘Like’ it.

Strategy 4 – Cultivate new relationships on your personal page and suggest your page to them.
Be careful not to do this too frequently. About once every 45 days is acceptable.

Strategy 5 – Share your page with your friends. The ‘Share’ button is found at the bottom left of your page (below your profile picture; keep scrolling). You can share your page a few times per month and add a comment to introduce your page to your friends. This is a very non-invasive way to let people know about your page.

Bonus – Another great way is to simply ask them to ‘Like your page when they visit and give them immediate information. Create a custom page for people to land on and give them a reason to like you. For more information about these pages, call (435) 862-0150

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Call me or email me if you have any additional questions.

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