Monday, March 07, 2011

Water rip off at Capricorn Court

Do you live at Capricorn Court trailer park in Clearfield, Pa? If you do too bad for you. If you don't you don't want to.

Why do I say this? Imagine paying for your neighbor's water usage. That's what happens when you live at Capricorn Court trailer park.

Instead of charging each resident for their own water usage, the water usage for the entire park is divided by the number of residents and that's the bill your given and expected to pay.

Now, how the H**L is that fair when I might conserve water and be only resident occupying my residence while next door they have 4 people and use water like it's going out of style????? My fair water bill $100. The neighbors fair water bill $400.
As a resident of Capricorn Court water bill $250 each.

For an answer you might want to contact the landlord, who by the way is running for re-election as Clearfield County Commisioner.

If this is deemed acceptable business practice to rip off those that conserve and reward those that don't then how is the county business run????????

As a side note - since when does someone other than a Clearfield County Municpal Authority (CMA) employee read water meters? At Capricorn Court you'll find the landlord running around with the meter scanning device reading meters. Whether you are a public servant or not you are not a CMA employee unless you are employed by the CMA.

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