Saturday, April 23, 2011

Attention Beneficiary Gloria Washington

Attention Benefficiary - email spam message. This message appears sent from - Mrs. Gloria Washington []. Return or reply email as -

Attention Benefficiary

This is in Reference to the transfer of your Deposited Funds GBP 20,500,000.00 (Twenty Million, Five hundred thousand Great Britain Pounds) to your nominated account.

The total $22,500,000.00 USD was deposited here in our Bank reserve Account for Transfer to you as the approved beneficiary and funds has been duly programmed on the

outgoing Remittance diskette for onward Telex Transfer pending the Presentation of the European Union Transfer Clearance certificate. from the EUNIA - LONDON here in


The United Trust Bank London - United Kingdom can not transfer, withdraw or Deduct any amount from your Total Funds 20,500,000.00 GBP until we receive an approval from

the EUNIA - LONDON To obtain the European Union Transfer Clearance certificate, you have options either to travel down here to London for the process or alternatively

you can contact us to furnish you with detailed information (Email and telephone number of whom to contact at the EUNIA - LONDON for the Final Approval. Please Choose

and let us know your schedule to further advise.

Your Transaction will commence as soon as the we receive the Signed European Union Transfer Clearance certificate From the EUNIA - LONDON endorsed . The total approved

Funds 20,500,000.00 GBP will reflect in your presented account within 24 Hours of Transfer and a Copy of the Wire Transfer confirmation slip/Telex Copy will be sent

for your perusal as soon as we Complete Transfer. We are waiting for your response as soon as possible to know if you are capable of making the trip to London next


On behalf of the United Trust Bank Plc London, I hereby Reassure you that we will definately make your Approved Funds available to you in due Course as soon as i hear

from you.

Respond to my below email for immediate attention on your fund transfer.

E-mail :

Your's in service,
Mrs. Gloria Washington
Director IntL. Transfer Section,
United Trust Bank United Kingdom

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