Friday, April 22, 2011

From: Miss. Cindy Kampe

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From: Miss. Cindy Kampe
Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire

Please allow me to use this little time to ask you for a favour. It might sound strange to you because we don’t know each other either have we met before, but after much consideration I decided to contact you, before I proceed, I would like to introduced myself to you and my younger brother, I am Cindy Kampe and my younger brother Paul Kampe, I and my younger brother is the only children of our late parents Mr. And Mrs. Yao Kampe from Cote d'Ivoire, The reason I am sending this massage to you is because we are not safe here due to our situation and our predicament including the political instability in this country, for this reason I decided to seek for your assistance. We have a serious problem which is an injury that lingers in my soul for over nine months now and I want somebody who is reliable and honest who will help me and my younger brother to overcome the crisis. Our mother is no longer alive since ever our youth age as I am writing to you, and lately our father was poisoned to death by his business associate.

My father before his death was a chairman of cocoa dealers here in Bouake Cote d'Ivoire that was when I am still a student at the federal college in Abidjan. but I stopped school after the death of my father because our uncle has been careless about our living and future just for nothing, As am writing to you now, My father left a huge amount of money in a bank account in one of the prime bank here in Abidjan (USD$8,500 000,) and I don't know about this, it was on the 22nd of November last year that our family lawyer kindly hand over to me the documents covering the deposit and the WILL my father wrote with the instruction on how I will utilise the money,

Meanwhile, I don't actually know what to do, my hope and dream of future was traumatized and spread to the sky because my life and life of my younger brother is in danger as the people that killed my father is still hunting to kill us so that they will inherit this money for themselves, that is why I contacted you to give me an assistance to claim out this money from the bank and transfer to your account, also you will help me and my younger brother come over to your country for security of our live and also to continue our education while you will search for a good investment to invest this money.

Please, I will be very glad if you will accept to help us out as your own children, I will give you more details and the contact of the bank in my next mail, please kindly bear in mind that I need you to help us out of this bad condition and help us transfer this money to your account after claiming out from the bank here where our late father deposited the money, you will help us with this fund and start a new life with you. I and my brother have decided to offer you 20% of the total sum while 5% will be for any miscellaneous expenses during the period of transferring this money to your bank account.

I pray that God will bless you as your help us out and use you to help us out of this situation.

Thanks as I wait for your message.

Sincerely Yours
Miss. Cindy Kampe

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