Friday, April 15, 2011

From Ms.Alberta Cajetan

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From Ms.Alberta Cajetan

Good day Beloved,
I got your contact when i was searching for a good honest and reliable person. I prayed over it and decided to reveal to you my problem. I am Miss. Alberta Cajetan the only Child  of late Dr and Mrs. Alfred Cajetan. my father was a very wealthy Gold/Diamond dealer in Freetown, the economic capital of Sierra Leone. my father was poisoned to death by his close business associates on one of their outings on a business trip.My mother died 17 years ago so my father was also playing the role of a mother to me too.Before the death of my father in the private hospital in Freetown, he secretly called me by his bed side and told me of a deposit of $18,300,000.00 United State Dollars (EIGHTEEN MILLION THREE THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS)he concealed in a metallic box and deposited with a Private finance security company in ACCRA GHANA,the economic capital of GHANA.He warned me that because of envy that he was poisoned by his close associates. He also advised me to seek for an honest f oreigner in a country of my choice where those of his associates will not hurt me  as they have succeeded in poisoning him. For your information it has been difficult to know who is an honest person to assist me in this transaction and i decided to make a try on you.

I arrived ACCRA,Republic of GHANA,a nearby country since my uncle wants to kill me because of this certificate of deposits as he have succeeded in collecting all my father's property left behind. He and his wife always punish me away and have made life very difficult for me.the following day i have to run away immediately to Ghana,the economy capital And i don't want to stay long here in Ghana since I don't know anybody here and no much money to pay for my hotel bill.

Dearest One, I honorably seeking your assistance to hurry up and come down here in Ghana so that i will take you to the Private Finance Security Company where my late  father deposited the Consignment and for me to  introduce you,and you will help me claim out the Box and we will go together to a nearby bank and open a new account in your name to lodge in the money and transfer the money immediately from the bank to your bank account in your country and together i will enter plane with you and go back to your country with you so that i can be able to save my soul over there and you will help me invest the money in your country. while I continue my Education from where i stopped. I have agreed to compensate you with 20% of the total money and 5% will be set aside for any expenses  that might come across.
Thank you as I expect your reply immediately you receive this email.
Yours Faithfully,

Alberta Cajetan

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